Welcome to Fairy Tail's duelist, I am pleased you chose us now you train and have fun here and duel
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 Welcome and Rules Please Read

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PostSubject: Welcome and Rules Please Read   Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:45 am

Take some time to read this information

Welcome to FTD (Fairy Tail Duelist) I am pleased you chose to learn and have fun here. I will try to put some new anime music when I can. I also pick admins depending on how activate and how respectful they are towards others. So welcome I do have a few rules I would like to point out so here they are:

- No Bullying others. Treat others as you want to be treated.
- No Hentai or anything related
- Respect the Admin
- Keep personal problems for yourself
- No making multiple accounts will get you banned
- Do not use a music gif in chat or as a signature
- Do not make a post about politics or religion and respect everyone's views even if they are different then your own.
- Advertising is forbidden in PMs and posts
- Do not intentionally try to offend or insult other members in your post.
- Do not double post unless it's your own post and you last posted 24 hours or more ago.
- Do not revive topics dead for over a week unless you have a proper reason or it is your dorm room.
- Do not make posts with less then 5 words (i.e lol, wtf, this is funny, what?) or the post will be deleted.
- If you roleplay than it better be appropriate

these are the rules here are the punishments:

1st offense:A verbal warning.
2nd offense:A profile warning.
3rd offense:A one day ban and profile warning.
4th offense:A week ban and profile warning.
5th offense: banned from site

ok that's settled here are the roleplay rules:

~Roleplay Rules
- Admins can 3 characters
- Co-Admins can get 2 characters
- Members can get 1 character no exceptions
- Characters can be made up
- Put your characters name in your bio so i know
- No God mode (can't be defeated in roleplay battles, invincible, etc.)
- No Hentai or anything related
- Have Fun

Chatbox Rules are next:

~Chatbox Rules
- Keep cussing to a minimum.
- Do not post 18+ Material
- Try not to fight with other members, if you do have a conflict with someone, deal with it via PMs or on DN.
- You can not advertise your academy or forum.
- Respect your fellow members and staff.
- If your gonna post a picture make sure it's not really big.
- Do not spam.

chatbox punishments next:

~Chatbox Punishments
1st offense:A verbal warning.
2nd offense:A kick from chat.
3rd offense:Banned from chat for 10 minutes
4th offense:Banned from chat for one day.
5th offense:Banned from chat for one week
6th offense:Banned for a month

Staff Rules are also included:

~Staff Rules
- Do not constantly use the clear command.
- Do not clear chat without a proper reason.
- Do not Kick/ban anyone without a proper reason.
- If your going to ban someone give them 30 seconds to take screenshots of their defense if they want to file a report or appeal.

Dorms are last you can choose what dorm there is no higher rank here. There is 5 dorms to choose from:

- Fairy Tail Blue
- Fairy Tail Purple
- Fairy Tail Red
- Fairy Tail Green

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Welcome and Rules Please Read
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